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This shows someone getting a shot

Tuberculosis BCG-based vaccine may be effective against COVID-19

VPM1002, a vaccine candidate based on the tuberculosis BCG vaccine, may be effective in protecting against COVID-19. Previous studies in mice have shown the BCG vaccine is effective at protecting against several respiratory viral infections. If effective against coronavirus, researchers hope the vaccine can bridge the time gap until a specific SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is available.... Read More...
This shows brain scans from the study

The brain has two systems for thinking about others’ thoughts

Study reveals two different brain structures are implicated in implicit and explicit theory of mind, and both regions mature at different ages to fulfill their function. The supramarginal gyrus matures earlier, enabling theory of mind to occur slightly earlier than believed. Full ability for theory of mind occurs at age four when the temporoparietal junction matures.... Read More...
This shows the endocast of the human brain

Researchers were not right about left brains

Brain imprints on cranial bones from humans and great apes refute the long-standing belief that the human pattern of brain asymmetry is unique. Researchers noted similar patterns of asymmetry in our great ape ancestors. However, there was more variability in this pattern in humans. Findings suggest lateralized and uniquely human cognitive abilities, such as language, evolved by adapting an ancestral brain asymmetry pattern.... Read More...