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Genetics influence how protective childhood vaccines are for individual infants

A large, genome-wide study in children reveals genetic variants associated with differing levels of antibodies produced as a result of three common childhood vaccinations. Researchers identified two genetic loci associated with the persistence of vaccine-induced immunity following early life vaccinations. The results may help clinicians tailor personalized vaccine schedules to maximize the effectiveness of immunizations.... Read More...
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MMR vaccine and autism link debunked again: MMR vaccine reduces ASD risk in subgroup of girls

Another new study refutes claims of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The study reports no link has been found between MMR and an increased autism risk, even in children with other risk factors for ASD. Researchers also reported, in a subgroup of girls, the MMR vaccine reduced the risk of autism by between 16% and 21%. No link was found between other vaccinations, such as Hib and DTaP, and an increased risk of ASD. ... Read More...