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Guns and mental illness – The facts and consequences of using a blanket term so vaguely

Despite widespread propaganda, people with mental illnesses only commit 3-4% of all violent acts within the U.S in any given year. Mental health conditions are more strongly associated with suicide, not homicide. Restricting access to guns for those with mental health issues does not take into account those who already own guns and develop mental health conditions over their lifetime. Researchers say, given the climate of blame, people with severe mental health disorders may be dissuaded from seeking treatment.... Read More...
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Stricter Gun Control Could Stop Violent Men Killing Their Partners and Themselves

A study that utilizes 10 years of data on intimate partner homicide reveals men who have a history of domestic violence and access to guns have an increased risk of committing murder-suicide. Restricting gun access to men with a history of domestic battery could reduce murder suicide rates, researchers report.... Read More...