This shows the back of a man

Understanding ’radicalizing environments’ key to tackling extremism

Vulnerability to extremism isn't just a matter of being psychologically susceptible to moral influence. It is also a matter of being susceptible to sustained exposure to settings that enable extremist socialization. A new study sets five categories of determinants which generate, or suppress, the risk of individuals acquiring extremist beliefs and engaging in extremist behaviors. The study proposes a framework for tackling lone-actor terrorist risks and the emergence of radicalizing environments.... Read More...
This shows an ape

Environment, not evolution, might underlie some human-ape differences

A new study sheds doubt on existing theories of ape social cognition. Researchers argue it is possible apes and humans are equally capable in some aspects of social cognition, such as social signaling. The study concludes it is essential to not just consider evolution, but also environmental factors when researching ape-human differences.... Read More...