This shows a woman surrounded by clocks

Disrupted genetic clocks in schizophrenia-affected brains reveal clues to the disease

Gene expression rhythms in the brains of those with schizophrenia are highly disrupted a new study reports. The expression of genes is significantly different in those with schizophrenia who died at night compared to the general population. The findings provide new insight into a potential mechanism that underlies gene expression in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in those with schizophrenia.... Read More...
This shows the brain scans from the terrorists

The neuroscience of terrorism: How researchers convinced a group of radicals to let them scan their brain

A new neuroimaging study provides an insight into the neurobiology of those willing to commit terrorist acts. Researchers consider the psychological and social factors which also contribute to radicalization, and discuss how inclusive societies could help in the fight against political violence.... Read More...
this is an angry teen girl

Altered Brain Activity in Antisocial Teenagers

Neuroimaging reveals lower activation in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and angular gyrus in teenage girls with conduct disorder. Findings suggest that a reduction in prefrontal brain regions and functional connectivity during effortful emotional regulations contribute to behaviors associated with antisocial behavior in teenage girls.... Read More...