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developmental neuroscience

autism sign

Study Reveals ‘Inhibition’ Theory of Autism is Wrong

A new study challenges the long held theory that neurons in the brains of those with autism receive too little inhibition or too much excitation. Researchers report inhibition does not actually decrease in the brains of mice with ASD. Instead, researchers say, the altered balance may be a compensatory mechanism that helps to stabilize brain activity in response to the disorder.... Read More...
intestinal bacteria

Gut Microbes From Healthy Infants Block Milk Allergy Development: Mouse Study

Researchers report infants who are allergic to cow milk have a different composition of gut microbes than those who are not allergic to the milk. Transplanting gut microbes from those with no allergies helped to protect against potentially life threatening reactions. The study suggests gut microbes impact the host's immune system and play a critical role in regulating allergic responses to food.... Read More...