This shows an exhausted mom with a baby loading a washing machine

Parental burnout can lead to harmful outcomes for parent and child

Psychologists warn parental burnout needs to be taken more seriously by both partners and clinicians. A new study reveals burnt out parents experience escape ideations, and show an increased risk of neglect and violence toward their children. Supporting a parent experiencing burnout by letting them relax and avoid exhaustion reduces negative feelings and is also good for the children.... Read More...
Fake News is spelled out in scrabble pieces

Fake news can lead to false memories

Fabricated news stories cause people to create false memories, especially if the content of the stories align with their political beliefs. While people who scored low on cognitive tests were no more prone to forming false memories, they were more likely to remember false facts that aligned with their opinions. People with higher cognitive ability are more likely to question their personal biases and the news source.... Read More...