This shows a woman gardening

Anxiety and depression: why doctors are prescribing gardening rather than drugs

Exposure to nature has been shown to help improve depression and anxiety symptoms. Many mental health professionals are recommending patients spend time gardening as a therapy. The main treatment benefits may be seen when a person enters a community gardening project, which helps develop social and cooperative skills, as well as providing support for those with mental health conditions.... Read More...
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Number of years in NFL plus certain positions portend greater risk for cognitive and mental health problems

Longer career length and playing specific positions put NFL players at greater risk of developing cognitive problems and mental health issues. Playing for 10 or more seasons increased the risks for depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment twice as much than those who played for a single season. For every five seasons of play, the risks increase 20% for cognitive impairment. Those most at risk are running backs, linebackers and those who played special teams positions. ... Read More...
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Increased risk of psychiatric disorders in children with inflammatory bowel disease

Children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are at increased risk of being diagnosed with a mental health problem. The risk of being diagnosed with a psychiatric condition is 1.6 times higher for those with IBD than the general population. IBD is associated with an increased risk of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and ASD diagnosis. Researchers report there is also an increased risk of suicidal thoughts when the child reaches adulthood. The risk of being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder was highest during the first year of IBD diagnosis, especially in children diagnosed with the condition before the age of 6.... Read More...