Neuroscience News Redesigning Phase

As many of you have noticed, Neuroscience News is going through a redesign phase. During this redesign phase, Neuroscience News pages will be tested with the new layout.

Some of you have already noticed deep pages within the website showing changes. The last few design changes are being made and tested with older pages to ensure that the archived articles can be viewed properly with the new design layout. Thank you for the emails pointing out the changes and offering even better suggestions for website improvements.

We are looking at a soft relaunch date of July 6, 2010. We are confident the small changes left can be made before July 6 and we are extremely excited about the design going live for all visitors.

The new design features more focus on news, social networking, real time news, science collaborations, free neuroscience resources, neuroscience videos, neuroscience books and their reviews, neuroscience events listings, neuroscience groups, support groups, neuroscience student resources and much more. We will continually add more features as we learn how to implement them efficiently into the website and when our visitors offer great suggestions for improvements.

Some features on the horizon include: neuroscience glossary, neuroscience FAQ section, 3-D molecular viewers to view neurotransmitters easily, neuroscience screen savers, teacher educational material to help educate children and hopefully a lot more.

We are always in need of suggestions as to what our viewers would like to have on this website. If you have time and an idea, we would love to hear from you. Sign up and leave us a comment in our live activity feed, through a direct message, through a comment on a post, on Twitter (@NeuroscienceNew) or email.

Membership is free to Neuroscience News. We hope you will join with us and help create a wonderful neuroscience community for everyone interested in neuroscience.

Thank you for your patience and thanks for reading.

Neuroscience News

Neuroscience News is getting redesigned
Neuroscience News redesign nearing completion
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