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Neuroscience News knows that all neuroscience students and neuroscientists love science toys, brain toys, neuroscience themed toys and other brainy gifts.

Walking from neuroscience lab to lab, you’ll find brain cups, brain models, funny science toys, science stickers, and who knows what.

Our gift store is a place where everyone can buy gifts for those brainy neuroscience students, professors and neuroscientists. We also provide educational science gifts and toys that can be used in the classroom or home schooling environments.

Browse through our favorite neuroscience toys and science gifts and don’t be embarrassed to buy that silly brain in a jar, like we all want. No one is watching.

We’ll update this gift shop to feature the latest trends in science education and entertainment. If you know of a science toy or educational gift that other science fans would like, please let us know.

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Neuroscience Gifts and Science Toys