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Poor oral health linked to cognitive decline and perceived stress

Poor oral health has been linked to cognitive decline and increased symptoms of stress. Stress increases symptoms of dry mouth, which can lead to poor overall oral health. Those with tooth related symptoms, such as toothaches and cavities, are more likely to experience declines in cognition and episodic memory.... Read More...
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Narcissists: Think you’re strong critical thinkers? Think again

Grandiose narcissists are significantly less likely to use critical thinking when it comes to important problem solving or decision making. While narcissists perceive themselves to be above average intelligence and strong critical thinkers, they are unable to use reflective thinking skills effectively. The high levels of confidence they have in their intellectual abilities are often misplaced.... Read More...
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Human perception of colors does not rely entirely on language

Based on the study of a stroke patient with damage to the occipito-temporal brain region, researchers made a big discovery about color categorization. They reveal color categorization and naming can be independent in the human brain. The finding challenges long-standing theories of the mandatory involvement of language in adult human cognition and color discrimination.... Read More...
Neuroscience News

Neuroscience News

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