This is a drawing of the vestibular system.

Lining Up Our Sights

Researchers study the role of the vestibular system in optimizing how we direct our gaze. The findings could provide more effective treatments for patients with cerebellar or vestibular dysfunction.

More Than Meets the Eye

Researchers find that when it comes to vision, the brain can perform more than one function without sacrificing accuracy or time.

Mapping Objects in the Brain

Researcher report a brain region which responds to a particular category of objects consists of a small cluster of neurons which encodes the visual features of these objects.
The image shows a woman's eyes.

A Simple Eye Test for Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers discover the pupils of MS patients respond much slower to stimuli. Additionally, the study reports the slower the response time, the worse the symptoms of MS are.
The image shows a scan of a brain tumor.

Brain Surgeons Go with the Flow

A new neuroimaging technique allows neurosurgeons to see neural connections prior to surgery, thus preserving and protecting the brain's critical functions when operating.