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Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy Linked to Slightly Increased Autism Risk

A new study in the BMJ links antidepressant use in pregnant women to a very small increased risk of autism in their offspring. Researchers discovered 4.1% of children exposed to antidepressants while in the womb were diagnosed with ASD, where as only 2.9% of children whose mothers had a history of mental health problems but did not take take medications were diagnosed with autism.... Read More...
Image shows a pergnant women.

High-Fat Diet in Pregnancy Can Cause Mental Health Problems in Offspring

Mothers who eat high fat diets during pregnancy could be elevating the risk of future depression and anxiety symptoms for their children, a new study in Frontiers in Endocrinology reports. High fat diets may impair the development of the central serotonin system, researchers discovered. Further studies noted that introducing a healthy diet to the offspring at an early age did not reverse the effect.... Read More...
Image shows a pregant woman.

Restless Legs Syndrome Linked to Poor Sleep Quality and Impaired Function in Pregnancy

A new study links restless leg syndrome to poor quality sleep and poor daytime function in pregnant women. RLS is common in pregnant women, especially in the third trimester. It is estimated up to 36% of women suffer RLS at some point during pregnancy. Researchers say identifying and treating RLS could help alleviate some of the burden of the symptoms.... Read More...