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Image shows a diagram of the visual system in the brain.

Blueprint For Adult Visual System Present at Birth

A new study from Harvard researchers reveals that in primates, the blueprint for adult visual organization is in place a few days after birth and 'fills in' with experience. Researchers believe that, as the organization is present so early on in life, it is likely present before birth as a genetically programmed mechanism, and later modified due to experience.... Read More...
Image shows a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

O2 and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Reverses Brain Damage in Drowned Toddler

Doctors at LSU helped to reverse brain volume loss and restore cognitive function in a two year old girl following an accidental drowning incident. The researchers used hyperbaric oxygen therapy and normobaric oxygen to treat the girl. The treatment could prove to have a profound effect on the recovery of function in other patients who experience neurological damage as a result of drowning, the researchers say.... Read More...