This shows a woman walking.

Are We Wired to Be Lazy?

A new study reports our nervous systems are adept at altering the way we move so we expend the least amount of energy possible.
This shows a mouse singing into a microphone.

Female Mice Sing During Courtship

Discovery could lead to advances in understanding autism and deficits that may exist in the neural circuitry which underlie social communication.
Image shows five brain slices. The caption best describes the image.

Gender Differences in Brain Structure and Behavior in Autism

According to a new study, girls with autism display less repetitive behaviors than boys. Additionally, researchers have discovered differences in brain structures between boys and girls with autism which may help explain this discrepancy.
This diagram shows the structure of a neuron.

Tuning of Timing in Auditory Axons

Researchers discover the axons of auditory neurons which respond to low and high frequency sounds differ in morphology. These variations correlate with differences in the speed of signal conduction.