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mental health

Image shows a pergnant women.

High-Fat Diet in Pregnancy Can Cause Mental Health Problems in Offspring

Mothers who eat high fat diets during pregnancy could be elevating the risk of future depression and anxiety symptoms for their children, a new study in Frontiers in Endocrinology reports. High fat diets may impair the development of the central serotonin system, researchers discovered. Further studies noted that introducing a healthy diet to the offspring at an early age did not reverse the effect.... Read More...
Image shows a football and helmet.

What Are the Outcomes in Later Life For High School Football Players?

A new study looks at the long term neurological and mental health outcomes of people who participated in high school football teams. Researcher report playing football appears to not adversely affect cognition or depressive symptoms later in life. They acknowledge the findings may not be generalized for modern players due to changes in play style, protective equipment and improved safety measures.... Read More...