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Neuroscience News

Image shows the Gruffalo and mouse in the deep dark wood.

How ‘The Gruffalo’ Helped Academics Boost Youngsters’ Motor Skills and Language Ability

Using the children's book, "The Gruffalo", researchers devised a teaching approach that combined moment and storytelling activities. They report the children that participated in the combined activities showed greater improvement in both language and movement skills than those who were exposed to just one of the activities.... Read More...
Image shows a head with the brain exposed.

Parkinson’s Associated Protein Linked to Human Upper GI Tract Infections

A new study reports chronic infections of the upper gastrointestinal tract could be linked to Parkinson's disease. Researchers say alpha synuclein, a Parkinson's linked protein, is released during upper GI infections, inducing an immune response. Findings suggest frequent chronic infections could overwhelm the body's ability to remove the protein, leading to the onset of Parkinson's.... Read More...
Neuroscience News

Neuroscience News

Neuroscience News posts news from various labs, universities, hospitals and news departments around the world.