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brain machine interfaces

A graphic of two rats with white lights sparking between their heads is shown to depict the BTBI activity.

Brain-to-Brain Interface Allows Transmission of Tactile and Motor Information Between Rats 1000s of Miles Apart

Researchers electronically linked the brains of pairs of rats for the first time, enabling them to communicate directly to solve simple behavioral puzzles. A further test of this work successfully linked the brains of two animals thousands of miles apart - one in Durham, N.C., and one in Natal, Brazil.... Read More...
The image shows the set up and output images for this research. The caption best explains the image.

Neuroprosthesis Gives Rats the Ability to ‘Touch’ Infrared Light

Researchers have given rats the ability to "touch" infrared light by fitting them with an infrared detector wired to microscopic electrodes implanted in the part of the mammalian brain that processes tactile information. The study demonstrated that a novel sensory input could be processed by a cortical region specialized in another sense without "hijacking" the function of this brain area. ... Read More...