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Study debunks myth that only children are more narcissistic

A new study debunks the long-standing myth that only children are more likely to display narcissistic traits than their peers who have siblings. Data analysis revealed only children showed no increase in grandiosity or rivalrous compared to children of the same age with brothers or sisters. Researchers say the stereotype that only children are narcissistic remains prevalent but is highly inaccurate.... Read More...
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Siblings of Children with ASD or ADHD Are At Elevated Risk of Both Disorders

According to a new study, siblings of children diagnosed with ASD or ADHD have an increased risk of being diagnosed with the disorders themselves. Researchers found the odds of being diagnosed with ASD were 30 times higher for those who had older siblings with autism, and 3.7 times higher for ADHD diagnosis.... Read More...
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Sibling Bullying Makes Psychiatric Disorders 3 Times More Likely

Researchers have discovered a link between sibling bullying and an increased risk of developing a psychiatric disorder during early adulthood. The study reports those who are bullied by siblings are three times more likely to be diagnosed with disorders, such as schizophrenia, by the time they reach adulthood. Those who are bullied at home and at school are four times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders, researchers note. ... Read More...