This shows a woman playing the violin

Why music makes us feel, according to AI

Artificial intelligence helps shed light on how people's brains, bodies, and emotions react to listening to music. Music influences parts of the auditory cortex, including the Heschl's gyrus and superior temporal gyrus, specifically responding to pulse clarity. Changes in dynamics, rhythm, timbre, and the introduction of new instruments cause an uptick in the response. The study also identified the best song types for the perfect workout, sleep, and study.... Read More...
This shows how music flows through the brain

Watching music move through the brain

When people listen to music, the neural tracking of the frontal lobe lags behind the temporal lobe, but during music recall, the frontal lobe precedes that of the temporal lobe. The findings demonstrate bottom-up and top-down processes in the cerebral cortex during music listening and recall. The study provides important insights into how the human brain processes music.... Read More...
This shows a math equation

We like our math like we like our art: Beautiful

The average American can assess mathematical arguments for beauty just as they can for art or music. Using nine criteria for beauty, including elegance, intricacy, and universality, people were more likely to agree about the specific ways four different proofs were beautiful. The study sheds new light on broader issues in how and why humans have aesthetic experiences of abstract ideas.... Read More...