This shows green dna strands

Researchers link gene to cannabis abuse

Researchers have identified a genetic variant that increases the risk of cannabis use disorder (CUD). The variant affects the formations of specific nicotine receptors in the brain. Those who have less of these receptors are more likely to develop CUD. Additionally, researchers found those with a higher number of genetic variants associated with impaired cognition are more likely to struggle with marijuana addiction.... Read More...
This shows a woman sleeping

Sleeping for too little or too long linked to poorer memory

Sleep duration can have a negative impact on memory skills and reaction time. While the effects of sleep deprivation are well documented, researchers report sleeping for longer than the recommended 7 to 8 hours per night is associated with more errors in memory recall and slower reaction times, with each additional hour of sleep impacting performance more.... Read More...
This shows how the AI discovered the mutations

New causes of autism found in ‘junk’ DNA

Using artificial intelligence, researchers discover mutations in noncoding regions of the human genome that may result in autism. The noncoding mutations are associated with altered gene regulation in children with ASD. Additionally, the mutations affect gene expression in the brain and genes already linked to autism, such as those responsible for neuron development and migration.... Read More...