This is an illustration of a brain.

Balancing Old and New Skills

A new computational model explains how the brain can learn new tasks while remembering what it has already learned.
This fMRI scan shows the location of the amygdala in the brain.

Fear in the Balance

Researchers report increased activity in the medial prefrontal cortex is linked to decreased activity in the amygdala.
This is the map of neuron activity.

The Pauses that Refresh the Memory

Researchers discover certain symptoms of schizophrenia could arise from uncontrolled activation of neurons which help build memories during rest periods.
This is an image from the game.

Memories Are Geotagged with Spatial Information

A new study which used a video game where people navigate through a virtual town helps researchers to pinpoint how spatial information is incorporated into memory, and why remembering a specific experience can trigger memories of events which occurred in the same location.
The image shows a scan of a brain tumor.

Brain Surgeons Go with the Flow

A new neuroimaging technique allows neurosurgeons to see neural connections prior to surgery, thus preserving and protecting the brain's critical functions when operating.