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Understanding ’radicalizing environments’ key to tackling extremism

Vulnerability to extremism isn't just a matter of being psychologically susceptible to moral influence. It is also a matter of being susceptible to sustained exposure to settings that enable extremist socialization. A new study sets five categories of determinants which generate, or suppress, the risk of individuals acquiring extremist beliefs and engaging in extremist behaviors. The study proposes a framework for tackling lone-actor terrorist risks and the emergence of radicalizing environments.... Read More...
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Alcohol causes significant harm to those other than the drinker

The effects of heavy drinking extend beyond those who use alcohol, a new study reports. Each year, one in five American adults are harmed as a result of someone else's drinking. People report threats of harassment, vandalism, physical aggression, financial and family problems, and harm from DUIs as main problems associated with other people's drinking. Researchers say the type of harm experienced differ by gender, with women more likely to report financial or family problems, and men reporting physical aggression and vandalism more often. Women are more likely to experience harm as a result of a family member's drinking, while men are more likely to be harmed as a result of alcohol use by a person outside the family. Even those who don't drink heavily are at three times higher risk of antisocial behaviors.... Read More...