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This shows a mom and a toddler aged boy throwing a tantrum

Childhood behavior linked to taking acetaminophen (paracetamol) in pregnancy

Study finds an association between acetaminophen use during mid-to-late pregnancy and increased risk of hyperactivity, attention problems, and other behavioral deficits in young children. Boys appear to be more susceptible to the adverse effects acetaminophen use during pregnancy. However, the negative effects only seem to persist during the early years of life.... Read More...
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Study of 800 Millions Tweets Finds Distinct Daily Cycles in Our Thinking Patterns

Using AI to examine over 800 million tweets, researchers reveal how our mode of thinking alters during the course of the day. The study reports early morning tweets tend to be correlated with more logical thinking patterns, while middle of the night tweets tend to exhibit more existential concerns.... Read More...

No Link Between Autism and Eating Fish During Pregnancy

A new study challenges popular belief that fish consumption during pregnancy can contribute to ASD in children. Analyzing blood samples in one of the largest longitudinal studies to date, researchers found no links between mercury levels in mothers and autistic traits in their offspring. Surprisingly, the only adverse effect of mercury was noted in children's poorer social skills if the mother did not consume fish at all, especially in girls.... Read More...