Top AI News of the Week

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It's been another exciting week for artificial intelligence research. Here we breakdown the latest findings

Listen and Learn: AI Systems Process Speech Signals Like Human Brains

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems can process signals similar to how the brain interprets speech, potentially helping to explain how AI systems operate.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Speed up Discovery of New Drugs

Researchers explain how computational methods will streamline drug discovery by predicting which drug molecules are most likely to bind with the target receptor.

Machine Learning Model Reveals How Our Brains Understand Communication Sounds

The algorithm helps explain how our brains recognize the meaning of communication sounds, such as spoken words or animal calls, providing crucial insight into the intricacies of neuronal processing.

AI-Empowered High Schoolers Discover Breakthrough Brain Tumor Treatments

The teens used AI to analyze the genes and identified three that were strongly correlated with both aging and glioblastoma and could serve as potential therapeutic targets for new drugs.

Machine-Learning Algorithm Predicts What Mice See From Brain Data

The algorithm maps brain activity to specific frames and can predict unseen movie frames directly from brain signals alone after an initial training period.

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