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AmScope Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescence Microscope 1500X


The AmScope Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescence Microscope 1500X  is ideal for a professional neuroscience lab setting.


AmScope IN480TC-FL-BWF 40X-1500X Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescence Microscope + 1.4MP B&W CCD Fluorescence Camera

This is a brand new professional inverted trinocular phase contrast fluorescence microscope with 5MP CCD fluorescent image system, offering crystal clear high quality images and advanced features.

The microscope comes with a complete fluorescence kit, color corrected infinity optical system, and super large working distance condenser. Its high eye-point PLAN eyepieces, infinity large working distance Achromatic and phase contrast PLAN objectives provide nine brightfield magnification powers, 40X, 100X, 200X, 250X, 400X, 500X, 600X, 1000X & 1500X, and six phase contrast settings, 100X, 200X, 250X, 400X, 500X & 1000X. It has a advanced adopted 30 watt Kohler illumination system designed for 90-240V wide voltage power supply.

The high quality black & white CCD fluorescent digital camera captures 1.4MP high resolution fluorescent photos and streams live video to your computer screen. Using the user-friendly software, compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS 10.6 & up, you can edit microscope images in the same way as you use PhotoShop.

You can record videos, save images in BMP, TIFF, JPG, PICT, PTL or other format, conducting measurement for lengths, angles, areas and etc.

This microscopy package is a perfect instrument for professional laboratory applications including observing tissue cultures in dishes and examining specimens in glass containers. It is made by the same technicians and on the same production line that makes optical instruments for Leica, Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus. It comes brand new in factory sealed box.

Product Features

  • 40x-1500x inverted phase contrast fluorescence microscope
  • Nine brightfield powers and six phase contrast settings
  • Color corrected infinity optical system (CSIS) w/ Plan optics
  • 30W wide band voltage Kohler illumination
  • 1.4MP B&W CCD fluorescent camera captures still images and streams live videos
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