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This shows two heads and network lines

Tempted to cheat on a written exam? Artificial intelligence is 90% certain to nab you

Using a Siamese neural network, a new deep learning system dubbed Ghostwriter is able to distinguish the writing styles between different texts. The algorithm compares a student's current written work against past examples of their prose, providing a percentage score for similar writing styles. The new system could be used to determine if a student has plagiarized their work, or if it is an original piece.... Read More...
This shows how the AI discovered the mutations

New causes of autism found in ‘junk’ DNA

Using artificial intelligence, researchers discover mutations in noncoding regions of the human genome that may result in autism. The noncoding mutations are associated with altered gene regulation in children with ASD. Additionally, the mutations affect gene expression in the brain and genes already linked to autism, such as those responsible for neuron development and migration.... Read More...
This is a child and a robot

Children describe technology that gives them a sense of ambiguity as ‘creepy’

Children consider technologies that pose an ambiguous threat as 'creepy'. Researchers pinpoint five aspects of technology that contribute to the feeling of ambiguity, examples of which are lack of control, ominous physical appearance and mimicry.... Read More...