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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence articles involving programming, software engineering, neural engineering, artificial neural networks, artificial life, a-life, floyds, boids, emergence, computers, machine learning, neuralbots, neuralrobotics, engineering, computational neuroscience and much more. Join up and help robotics research.


Man Versus Machine: Who Wins When It Comes to Facial Recognition?

Researchers answer the questions of whether artificial intelligence is better at facial recognization than humans. The study found both humans and deep learning algorithms perform with similar levels of accuracy when identifying faces. However, when AI technology is combined with human intelligence, the accuracy attainment levels shot up and better results were achieved than when two facial examiners worked together. ... Read More...

Artificial Intelligence Sheds Light on What Makes Us Look Older

Researchers have created a new deep learning algorithm that can accurately predict chronological age. The findings suggest the most accurate, non-invasive biomarker for aging prediction is the skin at the corner of the eye. Researchers say the findings could help offer solutions on how to look younger.... Read More...
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Detecting Fake News, At Its Source

Researchers have created a new deep learning system that can determine if a news outlet is accurate or biased based on only 150 articles published. The algorithm can also detect the political leanings of a news site. Researchers say fake news articles are more likely to use language that is hyperbolic, subjective and emotional.... Read More...