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developmental neuroscience

The image shows the atlas activity of the forebrain. The caption describes the image best.

Genome-Wide Atlas of Gene Enhancers in the Brain On-line

Future research into the underlying causes of neurological disorders such as autism, epilepsy and schizophrenia, should greatly benefit from a first-of-its-kind atlas of gene-enhancers in the cerebrum (telencephalon). This new atlas identifies and locates thousands of gene-regulating elements in a region of the brain that is of critical importance for cognition, motor functions and emotion.... Read More...
A mouse and a mouse pup are shown.

New Brain Circuit Sheds Light on Development of Voluntary Movements

A research team describes the entire network of brain cells that are connected to specific motor neurons controlling whisker muscles in newborn mice. A better understanding of such motor control circuits could help inform how human brains develop, potentially leading to new ways of restoring movement in people who suffer paralysis from brain injuries, or to the development of better prosthetics for limb replacement.... Read More...