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Neuroscience Videos

These articles have neuroscience videos included with the research. Visit the article and you will see the neuroscience related video embedded in the article. You can play the video from the page, or enlarge the video to full screen to watch it. When a video is open, you can often pick many other neuroscience videos to watch. Join us at YouTube.com/NeuroscienceNews for neuroscience videos as well.

Image shows avatars.

Avatar Therapy May Help Reduce Auditory Hallucinations in People With Schizophrenia

A new Lancet study reports auditory hallucinations may be reduced in people with schizophrenia following face-to-face discussions with an avatar that says the things they hear. Researchers report the patients were able to verbalize their feeling by 'standing up to' the avatars and taking control of the conversations.... Read More...
Image shows Amish people.

An Internal Fountain of Youth: Why These Amish Live Longer and Healthier

Researchers have identified a genetic mutation in an extended Amish family that allow them to live 10 percent longer and have 10 percent longer telomeres than other Amish kindred members who do not have the mutation. People with this mutation also have a lower diabetes risk and lower vascular aging, researchers note.... Read More...