This is a still from the video showing the robots in action.

Herding Robots

Researchers develop a new system which allows fleets of robots to collaborate in new and unprecedented ways.
The image shows a brain made up of computer chips.

Computer Smart as a 4-Year-Old

Researchers have IQ tested one of the best available AI systems and discover it's as smart as the average 4-year-old child.
This image shows a brain made up of computer chips.

Daydreaming Simulated by Computer Model

Researchers have created a computer model based on the dynamics of brain cells and its neural connections. They hope the model will help them understand why certain portions of the brain work together when a person daydreams.
The image shows a computer chip with a built in memristor the researchers used during their research.

Blueprint For an Artificial Brain

Researchers are using memristors, electronic microcomponents which imitate natural nerves, as key components to create a blueprint for an artificial brain.
The image shows the different areas of Boston on a map. Blocked in red are the worst effected areas of crime.

Could a Computer on the Police Beat Prevent Violence?

New research shows how police forces might be able to target efforts to reduce violence and raise officer attention to dangerous areas with the help of high-powered computers. Using real police data, researchers were able to demonstrate the promise of computer models for targeting violent areas.