This is a still from the video showing the robots in action.

Herding Robots

Researchers develop a new system which allows fleets of robots to collaborate in new and unprecedented ways.
The image shows a brain made up of computer chips.

Computer Smart as a 4-Year-Old

Researchers have IQ tested one of the best available AI systems and discover it's as smart as the average 4-year-old child.
This image shows a brain made up of computer chips.

Daydreaming Simulated by Computer Model

Researchers have created a computer model based on the dynamics of brain cells and its neural connections. They hope the model will help them understand why certain portions of the brain work together when a person daydreams.
The image shows a computer chip with a built in memristor the researchers used during their research.

Blueprint For an Artificial Brain

Researchers are using memristors, electronic microcomponents which imitate natural nerves, as key components to create a blueprint for an artificial brain.