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What is neuroscience? Neuroscience is the scientific study of nervous systems. Neuroscience often involves research from numerous science genres including brain science, psychology, neurology, computer science, artificial intelligence, big data, statistics, engineering, medicine, physics, mathematics, linguistics, electrophysiology, biology, anatomy and neurobiology.

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Pain in the Potassium Channels

The removal of a certain class of potassium channels from the surface of nociceptors is believed to be a key factor in inflammatory pain signaling. Using gene interference to reduce the expression of these specific potassium channels on nociceptors, researchers were able to produce hyperexcitability in nociceptors resembling that seen in inflammatory pain signaling.... Read More...

Acetylcholine and SK Channels Involved in Learning and Memory

New research on learning describes the interaction between acetlycholine receptors and SK channels and their involvement in learning and memory. These findings could lead to new research targeting acetylcholine and SK channels to help cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia as well as help understand learning and memory better. ... Read More...

Early Life Stresses Could Have Lasting Effects On GAD1 Gene

Neuroscience research published in September's Journal of Neuroscience suggests early life stresses may modify the GAD1 gene, which controls the production of GABA. Through their research on rats, researchers were able to note that those who experienced a lack of affection showed an obstruction within the DNA which controls the GAD1 gene. As it is believed that GABA deficits might be apparent within schizophrenic patients, researchers propose that the modification of GAD1 might determine a child's predisposition to mental illness.... Read More...