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Image shows lymphatic vessels in the brain.

‘Drain Pipes’ in the Brain: Lymphatic Vessels Act As Pipeline Between Brain and Immune System

A new study in eLife provides evidence that our brains may drain waste via our lymphatic vessels. The vessels may act as a 'pipeline' between the brain and immune system. Researchers say the findings could alter the way we think about how the brain and immune system inter-relate.... Read More...
Image shows a preteen girl sitting next to a window.

Child Abuse Can Impair Brain Wiring

McGill researchers report those who suffer from traumatic experiences during childhood, like severe abuse, show significant abnormalities in the structure and cell function in the anterior cingulate cortex, an area of the brain associated with emotion and mood regulation. Researchers believe these changes may contribute to depressive disorders and suicidal ideations, often considered a long term effect of trauma suffered during early life.... Read More...
Image shows a brain.

Premature Birth Linked to Older ‘Brain Age’ in Adulthood

A Neuroimaging study, conducted by King's College London researchers, reveals accelerated brain aging during adulthood for those born very prematurely. Researchers noted those born preterm tended to have smaller global gray matter volume and some brain structure changes in areas associate with spatial abilities and behavior control in adulthood.... Read More...