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Magnetic resonance imaging

This is an MRI brain scan.

Quantity, Not Just Quality, in New Brain Scan Method

Using MRI neuroimaging, researchers develop a new method of quantifying brain tissue volume. The new method could provide an additional way to track the progress of multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases.
The image shows an mri brain scan of a patient with MS.

New Imaging Technique Holds Promise for Speeding MS Research

Researchers have developed a new MRI neuroimaging technique which detects brain lesions associated with multiple sclerosis in finer detail than ever before. The technique could be a powerful tool for evaluating new treatment options for the disease.
The image shows a diagram of veins in the neck which are affected by CCSVI.

Low Incidence of Venous Insufficiency in MS

Using several imaging methods, researchers note chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, CCSVI, occurs in low rates for patients with multiple sclerosis and non-MS volunteers.
The image shows comparative brain scans of veterans with mild TBI and those without TBI.

Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury have White Matter Abnormalities

A new study found soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with mild TBI have measurable abnormalities in white matter when compared to returning veterans who have not experienced TBI. These abnormalities appear to be related to the severity of the injury and are related to cognitive deficits.
The FMRI image shows regions of activation including primary visual cortex (V1, BA17), extrastriate visual cortex and lateral geniculate body.

Pioneering Research Helps to Unravel the Brain’s Vision Secrets

A new study has identified the two areas of the brain responsible for our perception of orientation and shape. Research found that the two neighbouring areas, known as human visual field maps, process the different types of visual information independently.
Neurons are shown.

Researchers at the Doorstep of Stem Cell Therapies for MS, Other Myelin Disorders

Scientists report researchers are now on the threshold of human application of stem cell therapies for a class of neurological diseases known as myelin disorders – a long list of diseases that include conditions such as multiple sclerosis, white matter stroke, cerebral palsy, certain dementias, and rare but fatal childhood disorders called pediatric leukodystrophies.
An eyeball is shown.

Using the Eye as a Window into the Brain

An inexpensive, five-minute eye scan can accurately assess the amount of brain damage in people with the debilitating autoimmune disorder multiple sclerosis (MS), and offer clues about how quickly the disease is progressing.