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Working Memory and the Brain

Visual working memory not as specialized in the brain as visual encoding, study finds. Researchers have long known that specific parts of the brain activate when people view particular images. For example,...
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Obesity Reduces the Size of Your Brain

New research from Uppsala University shows that a specific brain region linked to appetite regulation is reduced in elderly people who are obese. Poor eating habits over a lifetime may therefore weaken brain...

Quit Smoking Messages in the Brain

Quit smoking messages were more effective when tailored toward an individual and when that individual showed greater activity in self-related brain regions such as the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex. Using...

World’s First Basic Research Institute for Childhood Neurological Diseases Opens

The world's first basic research institute for childhood neurological diseases opened in Houston, Texas and is part of the Texas Children's Hospital. Some of the research the new research insitute will focus on includes childhood neurological diseases such as autism, epilepsy, Rett syndrome, cerebral palsy, ataxias and Batten disease. More details about the new institute are provided in the press release below.