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    Psychology Group is home to everyone interested in psychology discussions. Psychology Group admits psychology students, psychology professors, psychologists, psychiatrists, grad students and anyone interested in […]

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    The Neuroscience Jobs group is dedicated to Neuroscience News members that are interested in neuroscience jobs.

    Members are allowed to post jobs, resumes, start job dicussions in the Neuroscience Jobs group […]

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    Meet neurosurgeons, neurologists and other neurology related colleagues and talk about life.

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    This group welcomes everyone interested in citizen science. Citizen science involves scientific research done by nonprofessional scientists. This can include amateur scientists, DIY enthusiasts, retired […]

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    Neuroscience Group is open to all discussions about neuroscience. Everyone is welcome to join the group, take part in and start discussions relevant to neuroscience.

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    ’Stress’ is group created with intention for open discussion about stress pathology, stress physiology and stress related disorders and their hidden mechanisms… Stress group is promoting all neurologists to join […]

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    This group’s aim is to help NeuroscienceNews.com improve. Visitors, members and anyone interested in helping Neuroscience News to become better are encouraged to join this public group and share ideas. Website […]

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    A.I. Artificial Intelligence group is for anyone interested in discussing, learning, teaching and reading about the latest concepts in AI research. Topics such as artificial neural networks, connectionist models, […]

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    Welcome to the Group International Neurosciences Online Network here on Neuroscience News.

    My name is Marcos Fleury and I Would like to invite all of you to join me in this group.

    International Neurosciences […]

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    Neuroscience labs are listed in our neuroscience labs group.

    If you work for, or know of a great lab, please list them here on the neuroscience labs group.

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    The Epilepsy Support Group at Neuroscience News is open to everyone interested in sharing and learning information relating to epilepsy. Epilepsy patients, epilepsy researchers, family and friends of epilepsy […]

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    Mindfulness meditation

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    This is a group dedicated to neuroscience professors and university professors in fields related to neuroscience such as psychology, cognitive sciences, neurology, psychiatry, mental health, biology, biochemistry, […]

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    This group is dedicated to discussions and resources for mental health rehabilitation centers. These can include hospitals, mental health wards, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric wards and other mental health facilities.

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    This is a group for Neuroscience Student discussions.

    Students of all ages are welcome to join. High school students, neuroscience undergraduate students, neuroscience graduates, post-docs and professors are […]

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    The Open Science group is the place to discuss the pros and cons of open science movements.

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    Robotics group is open to all discussions about robotics. Imagine that! Feel free to discuss and share robotics resources and info about robots, robotic programming, neuralbots, open source robotics, Arduinos, […]

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    The Brain Injury Support Group is a forum for discussions about brain injuries. Members are encouraged to share their useful experiences involving themselves or other people with brain injuries. Providing […]